Service Offerings

  • Business Turnarounds Experts - "Performance based or no cost"
  • 6 Business BootCamps - Fast, Cost Effective, Huge ROI's
  • Supplimental On-Site Skills Training
  • State Funding $$ available to off set BootCamps, Skills Training Courses, Business Consulting / CustomTraining
  • Business Consulting: Projects Paid on Results / Performance
  • Business Consulting: Projects can be quoted fixed fee 
  • Complimentary Online Library of Turn Around Self Help Material

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Profitability/Increase EBITDA %

Business Strategist/Grow Sales

E.T.P./State funded employee training

Efficiency/Cut Costs

"49 Companies saved and counting as of Dec18"

"The select team of  Experts at The Company Doctors go beyond what is expected.  If you aren't happy - we aren't happy.  Thus, we expect nothing less than delivering results! " - President

"The Company Doctors are Performance Based Turnaround experts who operate as C.O.O.'s.
We develop executable Roadmaps for Strategy & Implemenation for Sustainability+Grow.  These Roadmaps include immediate Business cost cutting  strategies which leverage LEAN Six Sigma and Project Management principles across the whole Organization"