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"Does my Product or Service Positioning have a Fever?"

October 25, 2020

BY Wm. Randy McKinley | President & CEO The Company Doctors

IF YOU ANSWER "YES" TO any statement below.....time to get to work!

I think I spend to much on my marketing and it doesn't generate the sales I would expect!


 My sales are lagging and my bank account is hurting!

I know I have a better product but it doesn't translate into sales!

 New competitors entering my market and taking my business!

The question we ask companies all the time:

"Do you really know how to position a product-service correctly?"

  • The answer for most businesses is they DON'T REALLY NO, BUT WISH THEY DID
  • It feels like a magic trick except it is really a formula

What is Product-Service Positioning?

Product positioning is a form of marketing that presents the benefits of your product to a particular target audience.

Our attached video gives the secrets to Product-Service positioning:

  • Topic "Does your Product or Service positioning have a Fever?"
  • We show the 1 minute test for any product or service to identify a issue/Fever
  • There are 7 parts you need to understand to maximize positioning and messaging 
  • The video is meant to be fast, so it can be watched multiple times
  • The 2 white boards  shown should be printed and put on the wall so it can be referenced
  • The video is part of The Company Doctors Business Health and Wellness series

Why is Product Positioning needed?

    If you don't know that you have a problem it will grow into a bigger problem , which mean you will likely be a statistic!

  •     20% of Businesses fail in 2 years
  •     45% of Businesses fail in 5 years
  •     65% of Businesses fail in 10 years
  •     75% of Businesses fail in 15 years

In the US, there are about 25 million businesses and world wide at least 125 million.

This means only 1 in 4 businesses will make it to 15 years!

Help us with our mission of saving businesses from being a statistic. Please, share this Blog & Video with anyone in business or starting a business!

We are now ready to go on fast ride thru how to Position a Product-Service!

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