Increase Productivity in the Workplace / Business by 15-30%

November 19, 2020

BY The Company Doctors "Business Turnaround Experts"

As Turnaround Experts, we have successfully executed 53 turnarounds from Fortune 100 through small and mid sized businesses.

We joke that it’s like the movie Ford Vs Ferrari and we are the professional team companies and private equity call when they want to win….we are serious about delivering……ForeverROITM


It’s great we save a few companies, but we drive down the streets and see so many businesses closing and we call each other frustrated.

Statistically, there are 30 million businesses in the US and 50% don’t make it even 5 years and US Bank found out only 19% was due to competitors.

This means 81% was self-inflicted and we new if we had 5 minutes we could probably fix this.  

There are two things that we believe every business needs so we are giving it away FREE so we can reduce the 81% number:


FREE | E-Book "Performance Management"

You will gain productivity just by reading and using it!

FREE | "TCDTM Quick Business Assessment"

Takes 3 minutes to fill out, We use it in all our companies, It is Proprietary to us, it shows where the Gold is hiding in your Business and deliver the results back to you FREE.

Bonus: Brochure on how we help Sm. & Med. Businesses

Fill out Form Below and thanks for letting us help you Win!

Answering YES to any of the questions below means:



1. Monthly Revenue per Employee less than $12,500 (sales / employees)?           

2. Do you have lack of process standards that cause defects in any area?                       

3. Is your net profit for your business less than 20%?                                                     

4. Do you have Poor Communication?                            

5. Do you have Human Error in different departments?

6. Do you have unplanned downtime for your employees anywhere?

7. Do you have idle equipment?

8. Do you have long set up times for any activity?

9. Do you have delays in a production department, a service area or an office department has to wait on another department?

10. Do you have poor production planning?

11. Do your departments or operations feel siloed?

12. Do you lack policies or have inappropriate ones?

13. Do you lack measures for accountability?

14. Plus many, many more......