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Taking the lead in business requires drive and focus as well as a great deal of skill. And while drive and focus may come naturally, skills, more often than not, don't. Leadership and business skills are learned and take a good bit of effort and time to really build. This is where having the assistance of a personal business coach comes into play. 

The Company Doctors provides personal coaching services to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and strategic financial partners it takes to succeed at the higher levels in business.

We are very different than other Consulting Firms.

"As Business Turnaround Experts, we Solve Problems by taking what is complicated and make it simple - so you can make money!"


No Results Delivered, You Don't pay!

Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to differentiate yourself from the pack. It's about building acumen, thinking creatively, having advanced skills in your toolbox, and taking the lead.

Advanced Business Coaching

Successful businesses operate with planned strategies, mapped processes and established frameworks. The same is true with successful people. The Executive and Business Coaches at "The Company Doctors" not only provide support and guidance, but are here to help push and test your abilities. 

  Coaching is essentially about strategy and strategy is about asking questions, formulating ideas, creating solutions and deploying techniques. You'll find no better mentors, coaching or hands-on experts, as the processes used are designed and proven to help you make better decisions and execute plans to make you or your business a major success.  

As Business Turnaround Experts, our proven 360 degree Holistic Methodology is based on Strategy, Structure, Process, Culture, KPI's, Accounting Principles, Cash Flow Strategies, and LEAN Six Sigma.  

Business & Financial Turnaround Assessment | Business Strategy | Optimal Process flows | Structure to support Processes| New Product Development Optimization | Lean & Six Sigma - Continuous Improvement | Strategic Sales Growth | Product & Services Positioning | Strategic Cost & Waste Reduction |Organizational LeadershipProduct Costing & Pricing Strategies | Business Financial Management | Cash Financing/Funding |ERP / IT Support | Project Management for Business Business Skills Training | A.I. Automated Accounting |A.I. B2B Lead Generation | Global Virtual Business Care



Increase Productivity by 15-30%

Seemingly Impossible Problem

A.I. B2B Bus. Leads 4-7 appt

Virtual Business Care Services

Sales Growth ZERO Out of Pocket

Cost Saving ZERO Out of Pocket

TCDTM Ultimate Business Profit Making Solution

Historical Business Turnaround Results

50% Increase in Productivity 

WIP Reduction of 80% 

Revenue per Employee up $72,000 

79% Reduction in Rework

Sales Increase of 13%

Lead Time Reduction of 70%

EBITDA increase of 240%  

Virtual Business Competency Curriculum

141 Interactive Online Business Competency Curriculum

"A Pathway to Leadership, Decision Making & Velocity."

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The Company Doctors - AutoEntry Brochure

AutoEntry is a cloud-based software solution

Capture bills, invoices, expenses & receipts

Input automatically into accounting software

Reduce Cost per processed Invoice

$21.31 to $4.34


50% discount for your 1st 6 months!

The Company Doctors - Jennifer Untied LLC AutoEntry Case Study
The Company Doctors - Kazron AutoEntry Case Study
The Company Doctors - Cue AutoEntry Case Study
The Company Doctors - Telfords AccountantsAutoEntry Case Study
The Company Doctors - AutoEntry Overview
The Company Doctors - AutoEntry Overview
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Integrate Seamlessly in Many Accounting Softwares

XERO integrates with AutoEntry & The Company Doctors
Quickbooks integrates with Autoentry & The Company Doctors


ERP Implementation | Cloud Hosting | ERP & Cloud Hosting Partner

Sapphire Systems | A World Leader and Strategic Partner Provides ERP Solutions, support & Hosting Globally

Local support for US clients _ 3 ring Policy

Low Cost Annual Maintenance fee

Customer Support - unlimited support hot line

Global Presence , Global Implementation

Streamline implementation aver. 3-6 months

Multi-lingual capabilities

Dedicated Account Manager

In house development team for flexibility 

Learn more

Josie Tran | Account Executive Sapphire Systems

M: +1 (512) 574 0858 |T: +1 (713) 353 4815



Randy McKinley | The Company Doctors

M: +1 (714) 313 5003 | T: +1 (866) 387 5314


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The Company Doctors Accounts Receivable - Invoice - Factoring Financing

Does this describe your situation?

Is your business growing

Receivables are 15-30 days

Need cash to fund growth

Your credit score is below 690

Don't have enough personal assets 

The Company Doctors Asset Based Lending A.B.L. Financing

Does this describe your situation?

Is your cash flow seasonal

Cash flow impacted by industry cycles

You have receivables less than 60 days

You have a large inventory

Is your business growing

Is your business highly leveraged

Are you in the midst of a turnaround

Do you have good financial statements

Are financials professionally prepared

Do you pay your bills on time

Can you do a projection

Complimentary review

No obligation

See what is available, what rate

Compare our Strategic Partners to other funding sources

Schedule an Appointment - Funding Review

TCDTM Video Exam Room

Live Webinars by TCDTM

Business Questions submitted & Answered by TCDTM

TCDTM Online Business Skill Courses Intro Videos


The Video Exam Room Week of 11/16 - Business Questions were selected and Answered

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Increase Productivity in the Workplace / Business by 15-30%

As Turnaround Experts, we have successfully executed 53 turnarounds from Fortune 100 through small and mid sized businesses. We joke that it’s like the movie Ford Vs Ferrari and…

A.I. Business Development Service

A.I. Software & our Professional B2B Experts 4-7 Booked Appointments - Fast (Typically 1-2 weeks) Only $495 No Results - No Cost Learn More FREE E-Book "Overcoming Sales…

The Video Exam Room Week of 11/9 - Business Questions were selected and Answered

7 Business Questions were selected and answered in The Company Doctors "Exam Room". Bobby (Alabama) Question: "How do I calculate the breakeven to my business?" Jim (South…

Business Health and Wellness Series "Does my Product or Service Positioning have a Fever?"

IF YOU ANSWER "YES" TO any statement below.....time to get to work! My sales are lagging and my bank account is hurting! I know I have a better product but it doesn't translate…

Business Loans "What do Underwriters and Banks actually Look at?"

Content Contributor for The Company Doctors | Financial Advisor | Former Banking President Underwritng - What does it really mean! Underwriting simply means a lender verifies…

The Company Doctors Online Store

the company drs online store


Founded in 2015, The Company Doctors is a dynamic group of communicators and leadership experts, working to create unique coaching programs and services. Our goal is to not simply be a premier coaching agency or Business turnaround experts but to be synonymous with excellence in the industry. Setting the standard is one thing but continually raising the bar is another - that's our true aim. And of course, the way we measure success is by the success of our clients and what they think of us and our relentless drive to deliver measurable results.  We are fortunate to have 53 companies saved through 2020 and counting!

President and CEO of The Company Doctors

Randy McKinley - Founder of The Company Doctors  

A LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 25 years of Demonstrated history of turning around businesses.  Developing and implementing Business Strategy for Sustainability + Growth, while optimizing operations for multiple domestic & international companies including Kraft/Nabisco,PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, Papa Johns, Dominos, Windsor Foods, Lee Kum Kee and many Sm. Businesses thru United States NIST/MEP-CMTC Consulting Firm.

Dr. Troy DanDurand - Principle & Managing Member of The Company Doctors

Troy provides Leadership and hands on expertise and  in the area of Business Development & Digital Marketing both internal and external.  He lead the efforts in business development, product management, marketing and sales with several Fortune 500 medical device companies, including manufacturing industries OBGYN, Podiatry, Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular, Urology, Orthopedic.  Troy M. DanDurand attended St. John’s University before graduating from the University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, Minnesota, with a BA focusing on Corporate Fitness, Business & the Medical Sciences. He completed his M.B.A. at Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an emphasis on International Business; Sales, Marketing & Finance and is a current  PHD Candidate. 

What Clients Have to Say.....  

"More than learning about business strategy, cutting costs and optimization, The Company Doctors helps build character and gives confidence, that has made a world of difference for me, my company's profit, sustainability and future growth. Thanks" Joe - Owner Bal-Tec

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