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"The Business Turnaround Experts - We save Businesses from Going out of Business"

Taking the lead in business requires drive and focus as well as a great deal of skill. And while drive and focus may come naturally, skills, more often than not, don't. Leadership and business skills are learned and take a good bit of effort and time to really build. This is where having the assistance of a personal business coach comes into play. 

The Company Doctors provides personal coaching services to ensure you have the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed at the higher levels in business. Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to differentiate yourself from the pack. It's about building acumen, thinking creatively, having advanced skills in your toolbox, and taking the lead.

Virtual Office Learning Academy

Complimentary + Extensive Business & Career Libraries

138 Supplemental Interactive Skills Courses available for Personal Development

Advanced Business Coaching Services

Successful businesses operate with planned strategies, mapped processes and established frameworks. The same is true with successful people. The Executive and Business Coaches at "The Company Dcotors" not only provide support and guidance, but are here to help push and test your abilities. 

You'll find no better Mentors, Coaches or Turnaround experts, as the process used are designed and proven  based on Business KPI's, GAAP Accounting Principles, cash flow strategies, financing/cash/capital options and LEAN Six Sigma to help build a strategic plan, make decisions, and execute accordingly to make you and your business a major success.

Strategic Planning    |    Project Management    |    Lean & Six Sigma    |    Strategic Sales Growth

Strategic Cost Reduction    |    Organizational Leadership    |    Product Costing & Customer Pricing Business Accounting & Financial Management    |   Cash Financing & Capital Sourcing options

Project Management for Business  |   Professional Skills Training 

Our Philosophical Approach  & Historical Results

Coaching is essentially about strategy and strategy is about asking questions, formulating ideas, creating solutions and deploying techniques. You'll find no better mentors, coaching or hands-on experts, as the processes used are designed and proven to help you make better decisions, build strategies, and execute plans to make you or your business a major success.

50% Increase in Productivity

WIP reduction of 80%

Lead time reduction of 90%

Quality improvement of 79% first pass

Revenue per employee up $72,000

Sales Increase of 13%

EBITDA increase of 240%  


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Contract | Fixed Fee - S.O.W. 

20% of Total Cost Savings

7% of Total Sales Growth

Up to Zero out of Pocket

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Founded in 2015, The Company Doctors is a dynamic group of communicators and leadership experts, working to create unique coaching programs and services. Our goal is to not simply be a premier coaching agency or Business turnaround experts but to be synonymous with excellence in the industry. Setting the standard is one thing but continually raising the bar is another - that's our true aim. And of course, the way we measure success is by the success of our clients and what they think of us and our relentless drive to deliver measurable results.  We are fortunate to have 53 companies saved through 2020 and counting!

Randy McKinley - Founder of The Company Doctors  

A LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 25 years of Demonstrated history of turning around businesses.  Developing and implementing Business Strategy for Sustainability + Growth, while optimizing operations for multiple domestic & international companies including Kraft/Nabisco,PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, Papa Johns, Dominos, Windsor Foods, Lee Kum Kee and many Sm. Businesses thru United States NIST/MEP-CMTC Consulting Firm.

What Clients Have to Say.....  

"More than learning about business strategy, cutting costs and optimization, The Company Doctors helps build character and gives confidence, that has made a world of difference for me, my company's profit, sustainability and future growth. Thanks" Joe - Owner Bal-Tec



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